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Tips for discussing home care with loved ones

Some professional assistance or care at home can increase a person’s independence and wellbeing. However, in some instances people are reluctant to have help at home. Whenever a family member or friend notices that someone they know may benefit from some care at home, it can become a difficult topic of discussion. Starting a conversation can raise sensitive issues such as finances, health and general quality of life. While the topic might be difficult to broach, postponing the issue might cause further problems in the future. It is advisable to open lines of communication with loved ones who may require assistance to remain living independently in their own home. The following is some advice for such individuals to have the necessary conversation before it is too late.

Begin a conversation with a loved one immediately. By beginning discussions immediately, the door will open for candid discussions with more time and better options on the table. This will also provide a great chance for loved ones to continue living at home especially if the issues are addressed before they get out of hand.

Listen and also ask questions. As discussions with the parents or loved ones are in progress, a child may discuss their observations and pose questions to them. Ask the person what their opinion is, what they think the solution is and any other opinion they may have.

Discuss issues like they were any other adults. While many people may attempt to avoid offending their loved ones, patronising them could put them on the defensive. Instead, candid discussions as grown ups is appropriate. Remember you are on the same team so work together to find the best solution.

Express a wish for the parent or loved one to remain independent. Many elderly people fear losing their independence and will cling to it for as long as is necessary. As long as they understand that the aim is to promote independence, they will be happier to change their current situation.


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