A lot of people wonder what services they can fund with their Home Care Package. It’s a good question! There are many support services available. A good Provider can help you choose which services and items will help you to thrive at home.

The following services and items are accessible with Home Care Package funds as outlined by the government. It’s not an exhaustive list. Your circumstance is always considered.

What Services CAN I Access With my Home Care Package? 

1. Care Services: this can include, 

Personal Services

Personal assistance, including individual attention, individual supervision and physical assistance, with:

  • Bathing, showering including providing shower chairs if necessary, personal hygiene and grooming, dressing and undressing, and using dressing aids;
  • Toileting;
  • Dressing and undressing;
  • Mobility;
  • Transfer (including in and out of bed).

Activities of Daily Living

Personal assistance, including individual attention, supervision and physical assistance, with communication including assistance to address difficulties arising from impaired hearing, sight or speech or lack of common language as well as:

  • Assistance with the fitting of sensory communication aids;
  • Checking hearing aid batteries;
  • Cleaning spectacles;

Assistance in using the telephone.

Nutrition, Hydration, Meal Preparation and Diet

  • Preparing meals;
  • Special diet for health, religious, cultural or other reasons;
  • Using eating utensils and eating aids and assistance with actual feeding if necessary.

Assistance can also include providing enteral feeding formula and equipment.

Management of Skin Integrity

  • Providing bandages, dressings, and skin emollients.

Continence Management

  • Assessment for and, if required, providing disposable pads and absorbent aids, commode chairs, bedpans and urinals, catheter and urinary drainage appliances and enemas;

Assistance in using continence aids and appliances and managing continence.

Mobility and Dexterity

  • Providing crutches, quadruped walkers, walking frames, walking sticks and wheelchairs;
  • Providing mechanical devices for lifting, bed rails, slide sheets, sheepskins, tri-pillows, and pressure-relieving mattresses;

Assistance in using the above aids.

2. Support Services: this can include, 

Support Services

  • Cleaning;
  • Personal laundry services, including laundering of the consumer’s clothing and bedding that can be machine‑washed, and ironing;
  • Arranging for dry-cleaning of the consumer’s clothing and bedding that cannot be machine washed;
  • Gardening;
  • Medication management;
  • Rehabilitative support, or helping to access rehabilitative support, to meet a professionally determined therapeutic need;
  •  Emotional support including ongoing support in adjusting to a lifestyle involving increased dependency and assistance for the consumer and carer if appropriate;
  • Support for consumers with cognitive impairment, including individual therapy, activities and access to specific programs designed to prevent or manage a particular condition or behaviour, enhance quality of life and provide ongoing support;
  • Providing 24-hour on-call access to emergency assistance including access to an emergency call system if the consumer is assessed as requiring it;
  • Transport and personal assistance to help the consumer shop, visit health practitioners or attend social activities;
  • Respite care;
  • Home maintenance, reasonably required to maintain the home and garden in a condition of functional safety and provide an adequate level of security;
  • Modifications to the home, such as easy access taps, shower hose or bath rails;
  • Assisting the consumer, and the homeowner if the homeowner is not the consumer, to access technical advice on major home modifications;
  • Advising the consumer on areas of concern in their home that pose safety risks and ways to mitigate the risks;
  • Arranging social activities and providing or coordinating transport to social functions, entertainment activities and other out-of-home services;
  • Assistance to access support services to maintain personal affairs.

Leisure, Interests and Activities

  • Encouragement to take part in social and community activities that promote and protect the consumer’s lifestyle, interests and wellbeing. 
3. Clinical Services: this can include, 

Clinical Care

  • Nursing, allied health and therapy services such as speech therapy, podiatry, occupational or physiotherapy services;
  • Other clinical services such as hearing and vision services.

Access to Other Health and Related Services

  • Referral to health practitioners or other service providers.

What Can I NOT Get With My Home Care Package? 

There are services and items that the government has excluded from Home Care Package funding. Therefore these are outside the scope of the Home Care Package Program and must not be included in a package for any of the four levels of care.

Excluded items from a Home Care Package include: 
  • Use of the package funds as a source of general income for the consumer;
  • Purchase of food, except as part of enteral feeding requirements*;
  • Payment for permanent accommodation, including assistance with a home purchase, mortgage payments or rent;
  • Payment of home care fees;
  • Payment of fees or charges for other types of care funded or jointly funded by the Australian Government;
  • Home modifications or capital items that are not related to the consumer’s care needs;
  • Travel and accommodation for holidays;
  • Cost of entertainment activities, such as club memberships and tickets to sporting events;
  • Payment for services and items covered by the Medicare Benefits Schedule or the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme;
  • Gambling activities;
  • Illegal activities.

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