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How has Consumer Directed Care changed Home Care Packages?

Consumer Directed Care or CDC is a new approach to how people receive their care. It centers on choice and flexibility for the recipients of home care packages. In a CDC approach consumers decide on the level of involvement they have in managing their package. This could range from involvement in all aspects of the package, including coordination of care and services, to a less active role in decision-making and management of the package. In addition, the CDC approach also asks providers to explore opportunities for their clients that may be outside the boundaries of services previously provided. This may include building networks and community connections so that the client has additional support to remain in their home for as long as they wish.

The CDC approach starts with finding out about a person’s life and goals for the future. What they would like to keep doing for themselves and where they may need assistance to continue living independently in their home environment. The CDC approach focuses on giving individuals the flexibility to plan and make their own decisions about their support.

You should not be limited by a standard menu of services or service providers. If you identify a type of service that you feel would best meet your care needs, your service provider must do what they can to help you to get that care or service. This may include arrangements to source services from other service providers.

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