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Medication Management

You may find that as you age, you have more and more medications, vitamins and supplements that you need to take to stay on top of for your health.

It is important to have someone you trust who can monitor your medication intake each day. We understand it can be tricky to remember what medication to take, what time of day to take our medications and whether to take your medications before or after food. Having a medication management system in place and taking care of the basics helps you avoid common medication mistakes like taking the wrong medication, missing doses, or taking more than prescribed.

Here are some general tips to help you with medication management. You may find one or more of these tips helpful to you.

1. Gather all your medications, vitamins and supplements into one location.

If your medications are stored in different locations, it can be easy to lose track of the medications you are taking. This should also include over the counter medications, vitamins and supplements as these mixed with prescription medications can still cause reactions if not cautious. A good habit is to store all your medications together in one place. You may even like to buy a small storage box to keep them organized.

2. Make sure your medication is stored properly

In general, medication should be kept in a cool and dry place. Just remember that the bathroom is not a wise place to store your medications as moisture and heat can affect them. It’s important to follow the advice from your pharmacist or general practitioner as some medications may require refrigeration.

3. Pre-sort your medications for the week.

Staying organised is essential for good medication management. Using a pill organizer can help sort your medications for the week. You may like to ask your carer, a friend or a family member you trust to help organise your medications.

4. Plan ahead for medication refills.

With long-term prescription medications, it is essential to get your refills on time so that you avoid running out of your medication or miss any doses. To avoid this, you can always ask your GP to prescribe a 90-day supply through a mail-order pharmacy. That way, your medications can be mailed out to you, and you will only need to remember to reorder your medications every few months.

It is essential to make sure that your medication is monitored properly and have someone trustworthy and reliable to oversee your medications. Otherwise, it may result in medication mismanagement. This can happen for various reasons, including when:

1. Multiple Medications

  • If someone takes more than five medications in a day, they are at an increased risk of medication mismanagement.
  • Some medications may interact with each other, so it is important to be aware of any potential interactions or side effects.
  • There is a greater chance of making mistakes with your medications, such as medication dose or taking the wrong medication.

2. Changes in Body Composition

  • The composition of muscle, fat, and water changes with age and therefore, medications can interact differently. Therefore, it is important to have regular reviews by your general practitioner.
  • The body may be more sensitive and may process medications differently.
  • The body may have difficulty removing medications from the body as we get older.

3. Changes in Cognitive Capacity

What could assist you with your medication management?

× Webster pack.
× Locked box.
× Alarmed dosette.
× Reminders of prompt cards.
× Support staff to assist with prompting or administration.

Can your homecare package fund the above supports?

Yes, it can! You can advise your Care Manager if you require any of the above supports to assist with your medication management.

At Better Living Homecare we have a clinical team that consists of enrolled and registered nurses who will contact our clients about their health requirements. They can provide recommendations or clinical advice when it comes to any health conditions/concerns. It is always important to keep your Care Manager up to date with your health requirements to assure that the best services are in place for your health needs.

If you feel any side effects from any medication or vitamin supplement you are taking, please let your Care Manager know and consult with your doctor, as there is always an alternative.
If any changes occur to your medications, please let your Care Manager know this too.

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