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Home Care Package Supplements

Are you curious about Home Care Package supplements? You’re not alone. This is one of the most commonly asked questions relating to Home Care Package funding. That’s why we’ve put together this article to cover the basics of supplements, eligibility and where to find more information.

What are Home Care Package supplements?

Did you know that Home Care Package recipients may be eligible for more funding on top of their package allocation? 

There are a range of supplements you could be eligible for dependent on their unique care needs. The Australian government pays supplements in order to cover the added costs associated with meeting these specific care needs. 

There are a range of supplements that you may be eligible for:

How can you find out if you are eligible? 

You can chat to your Home Care Package Provider about supplements that you could be eligible for. For many of the supplements, the Provider will complete the assessment with you, and you will also work with a medical professional to complete documentation. 

Eligibility criteria is dependent on the subsidy. There is more information about how to find out your eligibility here:

What do I receive with the subsidy? 

The Australian government decides the subsidy rates. Dependent on the subsidy, you will receive additional funding on top of your basic level of Home Care Package funding, or it could be access to additional services or equipment. 

The following link shows you the subsidy schedules. These are updated every year:

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