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What is a Home Care Package (HCP) Monthly Statement?

After a Home Care Package commences, you will receive a monthly statement that details funds received during the month such as Home Care Package subsidy and any contributions from yourself, how those funds have been spent and the balance of any unspent funds. Service Providers must deliver this information to the consumer as soon as practical after they have all the necessary information to complete it.

The User Rights Principles 2014, specifies that the following details must be included on the monthly statement:

  • the amount of home care subsidy paid or payable to the provider (including eligible supplements);
  • the total amount of home care fees paid or payable by you;
  • the total amount paid or payable by the provider in respect of the home care provided;
  • an itemised list of the care and services provided to you and the total amount for each kind of care or service;
  • the total of any unspent funds received from any previous month; and
  • the balance of unspent fees at the end of the month.

There is no legislation which regulates how the statement must look. The provider and you need to agree on the level of detail in, and the format of, the statement.
The means by which the statement is provided to the consumer, e.g. hardcopy, email or web-based, can be negotiated between the provider and the consumer.

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