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What is a Home Care Package Care Plan?

When you begin a Home Care Package with a service provider they will meet with you to discuss your individual care plan. This is your opportunity to indentify and plan with your provider what you would like to achieve through your Home Care Package – your goals. Your goals could be something like maintaining a healthy lifestyle or achieving independence in mobility. The goals will be also shaped by your own circumstances, including your health and wellbeing, cultural and personal values, and the amount of support available from family, friends and carers.

Identifying goals and care needs will help you choose the care and services that best support them.

It is also important to identify a consumer’s care needs, which are the areas of a consumer’s life where they have been assessed as needing extra care and support. Care needs may be identified when the consumer is assessed by the ACAT and/or through their discussions with their provider during the care planning process.

The care plan should include:

  • Your goals – what it is you would like to achieve through your package;
  • identified care needs;
  • the level of involvement and control the you will have in managing and coordinating your home care package;
  • the exact care and services to be provided to support your assessed care needs and any identified goals;
  • who will provide those services;
  • when the services are to be delivered, including the frequency of services and days/times when regular services are expected to be provided;
  • case management arrangements, including how ongoing monitoring and informal reviews will be managed;
  • the frequency of formal reassessments;
  • and the individualised budget.

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