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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we receive at Better Living Homecare!

We hope you find the information you need. However we know that every individual situation is unique. If you don’t see what you’re looking for please give us a call.
We charge what we need to provide excellent customer service and care. We are able to maximise the amount of care services that you or your loved one can receive. We believe we have struck the right balance in fees and high quality.
Absolutely. A government regulation, called Consumer Directed Care, means the decision of which Provider is 100% yours. We make switching Providers easy for you. Ask us how.

There’s a few things that set us apart from other providers:

  • We offer our clients choice. Many Providers organise services and only use their staff to deliver them as they have financial incentive to do so. We do things differently. By working with a large network service providers we are able to source the best person, or people, for the job. We have a vested interest in our client’s wellbeing and nothing more.
  • We are highly responsive. When you call us we are here to listen and to assist you.
In most cases, when you switch to Better Living Homecare the good news is that you can keep your Support Carer. Support workers are oftentimes contracted to a variety of Providers. Please ask us and we’ll let you know if it’s possible in your situation.
We can start providing services the same week. It depends on your schedule and needs. Call us to discuss a timeframe personalised for you.

Your Home Care Package is meant to assist you to remain living independently and on your terms. Based on your goals, Better Living Homecare will set up a personalised Care Plan that will outline the services you receive. Generally our clients receive some of the following services.

  • Care management and coordination of services.
  • Personal care services which includes assisted dressing, bathing or showering and mobility.
  • In-home support services such as help with cleaning, gardening, laundry and home maintenance.
  • Transport and assistance service to get you to your appointments, shopping and to social engagements.
  • Clinical services which can include nursing, allied health, hearing and vision.
A Referral Code is issued to individuals who have been assessed and assigned a Home Care Package. It’s used by Providers to identify you to My Aged Care and access care on your behalf.
When you become a client at Better Living Homecare you will have your own individual Care Manager. This person will ensure your services are suited to your needs and being delivered in a way that suits you.

It depends on you. We give our clients choice and access to the best options for them. We handpick service providers which may or may not be us. Our objective is to select the best for you. If by chance you choose to use your own service providers we do not charge a surcharge for doing so.

What's life like with Better Living Homecare?

Want to switch Providers? With us it's easy!

We make it seamless for clients to switch to Better Living Homecare. We take over the process for you and coordinate with your previous provider to ensure continuity of care. If you’re interested in keeping your care workers we will do our best to make that happen.

Want to learn how to make the switch?

Still researching? Here's the perfect guide for you.

In this free e-book you’ll discover some of the ways to better maximise the value of your Home Care Package. Whether you have a package and are thinking of switching providers, have a new Home Care Package, are waiting or are thinking of applying, this guide will help you on your journey.

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