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Eligibility and Assessment for Home Care Packages

How do I find out if I am eligible for a Home Care Package?
To find out if you are eligible for a Government funded Home Care Package you must first undertake a home care assessment. Assessors from the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) come to your house and assess you to determine your eligibility. The assessment involves discussing your current situation and determining if you can be assisted at home with a Home Care Package. There is no cost for this assessment – it is free.

 How do I book an Aged Care Assessment?

The ACAS teams are spread around Victoria. Your GP or local health care provider can assist you on your search or you can do it yourself by accessing the My Aged Care website or by calling My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.


How can I prepare for my ACAS Assessment?

During the ACAS assessment, the assessor needs to identify your needs and advise you on the types of care services that may help you to stay at home. Therefore they will be asking a lot of questions about how you live. This is your opportunity to speak up. You can talk about what you are still able to do for yourself and what you may need assistance with to remain living independently at home. Your assessed needs will help to determine which level of Home Care Package you may be eligible for. You will also be asked about whether you may want to use residential respite care in the future.

You can have a friend or family member support you during the ACAS assessment, If you would rather not meet with the ACAS assessor alone. In addition, there are Advocacy services available to promote your rights.

In some instances, when staying at home is no longer possible, the ACAS assessment can also help to determine your eligibility for care in a residential aged care service.


What happens after I am approved for a Home Care Package?

Once your eligibility for a Home Care Package has been decided by an Aged Care Assessment Service – ACAS you can talk to My Aged Care to find home care providers in your area that have a package available. You may also wish to ask your friends or family for recommendations.


What if I disagree with my ACAS assessment?

The ACAS assessor must provide you with information on how to appeal a decision. Remember you have a right to express your concerns.


How long can I stay on the package?

You can stay on a Home Care Package as long as you need.

If, however, you need to move residence, check whether your provider can support you in the new area. Home Care Packages are allocated for specific areas. If your provider cannot assist you in the new location, they can advise you about how to find another provider with a vacant package. If you move out of your area and make no arrangements to find another provider you will be without services until you find another provider with a vacant package who can support you. You can take ‘leave’ from your package if you need to go to hospital, or if you are taking ‘planned leave’ from your package, such as a holiday or respite care. You may be able to access necessary services whilst you are away on holidays in another location. Talk to your provider about making arrangements for putting your package on hold. On your return you can restart the services using your package.

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