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What does it mean to have a Home Care Package Level 2?

A Home Care Package is financial assistance from the Federal Government to remain at home as you age. There are four levels of Home Care Packages available. Your eligibility for a package level is determined following an in home assessment from your local ACAT (ACAS in Victoria) Team.Once you are approved for a Home Care Package you are then placed on a National Waitlist. You will then be notified as soon as your package has been Assigned and you can start receiving care and services.

There are four levels of Government assistance available to people over the age of 65 following an assessment by an Aged Care Assessment Team:

  • Level 1 – basic care needs
  • Level 2 – low-level care needs
  • Level 3 – intermediate care needs
  • Level 4 – high-level care needs.

On occasion people who have been approved for a Home Care Package Level 3 or Home Care Package Level 4, will be offered a lower level package and can still remain on the waitlist for their higher level package to be assigned.

The My Aged Care website states that a Home Care Package Level 2, also known as HCP level 2 or HCP2 is aimed at supporting people with ‘low’ level support needs. But what does this equate to in terms of ‘hours of care’?

Typically Better Living Homecare clients receiving a level 2 HCP have assistance with:

  • Personal care – showering, dressing, grooming
  • Domestic assistance – light housework and laundry
  • Loan of basic care equipment – eg. Shower chair or mobility aides
  • Social support – transport and assistance to access your community
  • Meal preparation
  • Shopping – either with you or on your behalf
  • Transport to appointments and activities
  • Basic home & garden maintenance
  • Some nursing care

For example: A typical week could involve one hour of personal care and household assistance 3 times a week, and a two hour shopping trip each fortnight. This would still leave some funds left over for equipment hire or garden maintenance.

You do not need to receive all or any of these supports and there may be other things you may want assistance with. You and Better Living Homecare will work together to determine what your preferences and needs are. If you need other support that is not listed here, do not worry. Discuss your needs with your Care Manager and ask them about some creative ways they can support your needs.

If your preferred services support your health and wellbeing, your ability to stay at home and be connected with your family and community, and support your independence, then your needs should be considered. Make sure the support you have agreed to is included in your care plan.

Better Living Homecare do their best to support you within the limits of the resources available from your Home Care Packages.






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