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6 New Rights You Have With Consumer Directed Care

Consumer Directed Care or CDC is a way of delivering care that gives you choice and flexibility. From the 27th February 2017 every Australian that has a Home Care Package will own their package and have more flexibility in the way the funds are used. A CDC approach gives you the following rights:

 You Choose the Home Care Package Provider that hosts your package. Home Care Packages are required to be hosted by an Approved Provider, but if you are not satisfied with your current host or would like to change because you are changing locations you are able to do so at any time. A list of Approved Providers can be found at Some providers may charge an exit fee for you to leave the package, this amount should be clearly stated in the agreement you sign with the Provider.

You decide how much involvement you have in the management of your package – Providers should offer you a choice of the level of management you have and this should be reflected in the Case Management Fee that are charged by the Provider. This fee entitles you to receive an amount of professional Case Management services from your Approved Provider.

You decide what care and services you need to assist you to live well and achieve any goals you have regarding your ability to remain in your home and live as independently as possible. These goals are reflected in your care plan and the care plan is used as guide for allocating funds to the services you would most benefit from. Your Case Manager works with you to write the care plan and meets with you to review the plan periodically and make changes where required.

You choose the times and days that you would like to have your care and services delivered. So that you are receiving care at times that suit you. If a care provider (or care agency) can’t offer you suitable staff that are available at the times you would like, you are able to shop around for a provider that can.

 You choose who provides your care and then it is up to your provider to ensure they meet minimum requirements (as a reputable business) and book services for you. The provider can also provide you with options for suitable providers of care and services in your area. Different Care Agencies charge different rates, so you can decide whether you are happy paying the rates charged by an agency or shop around if you are not satisfied.

 Financial transparency – Your provider must provide you with a monthly statement showing what has been spent and what remains of your package funds. This monthly statement should include the amount of the government subsidy, the amount of any income tested fee payable by the consumer (fixed by the government), the amount of the daily contribution fee (negotiable with the Provider), the percentage taken from the provider for Case Management and Administration services and any additional supplements the package holder is entitled to.


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