In addition to the allocated funding in a Government funded home care package (HCP) there are also extra supplements that can be applied for by the Service Provider on a client’s behalf. With the supplement (benefit) going straight to the pool of funds utilised by the client for their care.

For care recipients who are in genuine financial hardship there is a supplement available on top of their Home Care Package to help pay the costs of care incurred due to circumstances beyond their control. Each case is assessed on an individual basis, taking into consideration a range of issues which may be unique to the home care recipient.

Assistance can be applied for to help with the basic daily fee; and/or the income-tested care fee.

Where a home care recipient is granted financial hardship, the Australian Government will pay some or the entire care recipient’s aged care costs. The amount payable by the resident will be reduced by the amount paid by the Australian Government, including to zero.




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